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A small start-up development agency was so confident in its Magento expertise that its founder aptly dubbed it Wagento—a name, of course, with big shoes to fill, but the Wagento team rolled with it and never looked back.

Now over a decade later, Wagento is a global eCommerce solution partner with offices in 5 countries worldwide and nearly 40 Magento Certified Developers. We went from a humble tech team to a full-service development agency in a transformation that rivaled any one of our 300 successful Magento website projects.


Through our skilled expertise in eCommerce, SEO, Web Design, and the Magento platform as a whole, we provide undivided service catered to our clients’ particular needs and visions. We made ourselves better, and now we’re dedicated to making other businesses better. Let us give you a hand—our impressive track record speaks for itself.



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Our Mission


The digital solutions provider for organizations across the globe.

Our Vision


Our innovative solutions help clients across the globe unlock their full potential.

Our Core Values


Community Contribution & Engagement

Our success—and therefore the success of our clients—is a community effort. Each and every member on our team contributes both their personal and professional skills to make Wagento what it is. We all strive to not just exist within our communities, but to participate and remain engaged in the ongoing mission of strengthening our company and enriching the skillsets of our teammates.


Accountability Through Integrity & Transparency

Here at Wagento, we not only take responsibility for our individual actions, but we strive to hold our teammates accountable as well. Through this system of accountability, we are able to earn our clients' trust. Wagento is likewise committed to being honest and transparent with our clients— from project details to expectations and everything in between—in order to maintain a high level of integrity.


Happy Employees, Happy Clients

Wagento cares about the happiness and wellbeing of its employees. We know that work is just one aspect of life, so fostering an environment that promotes work-life balance while stirring up motivation is key. Consequently, happy employees lead to happy clients. Our employees' work ethic and attitude positively impact our clients and the overall quality of the projects.


Constantly Delivering Amazing Results

Our goal is to consistently deliver top-quality work and amazing results. We don't believe in settling for "good enough." Here at Wagento, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, so we do everything in our power to provide solutions that don't just get the job done, but that get the job done well and exceed expectations.


Mutual Respect, Diverstiy & Inclusion

Wagento is a global team with talent from countries and cultures all over the world. This diversity has enriched our company in so many ways, which is why we deeply value inclusion and mutual respect. Regardless of differences in backgrounds, we are still able to work towards positive goals.

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