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4 Tips for Working Remotely

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson May 10, 2022

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Whether you’ve been working from home since the pandemic started or are just starting a new remote job, the transition to a work-from-home lifestyle can be stressful and challenging. Like any job, you may encounter burnout, and it’s often easier to reach this stage if you work from home. Sharing your workspace with your home space can be difficult to navigate, so read on to learn more about our tips for working remotely.   

Designate a Work Area  

To optimize your work-from-home experience, it’s important to designate a proper workspace. A spare bedroom or corner of a larger room are great options to set up a home office. If you’re part of virtual meetings where you’ll be on camera, it’s best to pick a spot with good lighting and a background that won’t be distracting; so, try to avoid busy or loud areas of your home.   

Should you need a dedicated room as an office, be aware of the potential cost. Consider a home equity loan, which allows you to borrow money against the equity you’ve built in your home to make any necessary home improvements and help cover the price of home office necessities. You can upgrade your office with new lights, new windows, fresh flooring, and whatever else you need to make your home office perfect.   

Once you’ve determined where your home office space will be, make sure to set it up to fit your needs. For example, it’s important to choose a desk that works best for you. L-shaped desks are great for keeping things organized and separated while standing or adjustable desks can cater to your physical comfort. A standing mat is a good complement to a standing desk and can help keep your feet and back from hurting while you work. Your comfort throughout the day is important, so choosing a good-quality chair will help keep you ready for work.   

Make sure to also supply your home office with plenty of storage and organization options. Filing cabinets or bins can help keep things sorted appropriately. Utensil holders, calendars, and desk lamps are staples of a work desk, so make sure you have everything you might need for work productivity.   

Set a Routine  

Along with setting up a proper workspace, you’ll also want to be sure to set a regular work routine. Humans are habitual creatures that do well with a regular schedule, so be sure to establish a good morning routine as soon as possible. Perhaps this means going for a run and making your morning coffee before work each day, or making breakfast and walking your dog before you sit at your desk. Whatever it is, it’s a good idea to do something to get yourself mentally ready for work in lieu of getting dressed and commuting to the office.   

When working, it’s a good idea to maintain consistent work hours. You may already need to adhere to certain hours based on your job’s policy. But, even if you have no time constraints, having routine work hours is still advantageous. It’s important to allow a separation of work and home as well; so, when 5 o’clock rolls around (or whenever you’re finished with work) close that laptop or project and return to your personal life. It can be easy to pour hours into work, especially when you don’t need to physically leave to go home, so make sure you can close that door when the work day is over.   

Change Things Up  

While having a designated workspace and regular routine are beneficial to working remotely, it’s also a good idea to give yourself a change of scenery once in a while. Since you live and work in the same place, it’s easy to get bored of or distracted by your environment. Relocating briefly to a cafe or other public space to do your work can help combat this boredom. Libraries, coffee shops, and even your own backyard can be great places to work when you’re in need of a new environment.   

Additionally, shifting your routine can give you a refresher. Though it’s good to maintain a routine, if you find yourself getting bored by the same thing, try working earlier or later in the day, if work permits it. Following a different schedule can help keep things interesting and ending work earlier can be a relief.   

Take Breaks  

When working in an office, it’s typical to take coffee or bathroom breaks throughout the day, as well as attend meetings and converse with coworkers. In a remote position, face-to-face conversations and roaming around the office aren’t possible, so make sure to replace those tiny breaks at home. Step outside for a bit to get some fresh air or take a few minutes to focus on something else.   

It’s crucial to take care of yourself as well! Working from home can be relaxing, and perhaps even a little too much so. Take breaks to keep yourself happy, healthy, and on your toes. Getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and exercising frequently are great methods to prioritize your health. With these health-conscious habits, working from home should be much easier to handle.   

Whatever your job, working remotely can present challenges when it comes to productivity at home and sharing a workspace with your living space. It’s crucial to be conscious of this and to properly combat boredom or burnout. Set yourself up for success by optimizing your workspace and developing a routine, but also allow for a change of scenery when needed. Finding the perfect balance between work and your personal life can be a challenge, but it’ll be easier when you properly prepare! 

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