Magento Services

Magento Theme Development

Wagento has considerable experience working with themes designed on the Magento platform. This includes building custom themes or working with existing themes. We would advise against using “off-the-shelf” themes as they can be problematic and require fixes that result in unexpected expenses. Regardless of the need, Wagento will apply best practices when developing your Magento theme.

Custom Design

Building Custom Designs for any business is a complex process. It is important to not only communicate the companies services and strengths in a meaningful way, it is also important to communicate the companies values and brand identity. Wagento’s team of experienced professionals will work with your company to bring value and a unique identity to your brand.

Magento Training & Support

We recognize all clients have different levels of experience when it comes using Magento. It is for that reason that we offer customized training and support, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Magento can be a complex and overwhelming tool for those that are unfamiliar with it. Our certified staff can help you learn and understand how to best leverage the full potential that is available in Magento. We can train and support your staff in how best to use Magento for your business needs.

Magento Application & System Integrations

Magento offers a multitude of flexibility in terms of integrating with other systems. This includes everything from ERPs and CRMs to Accounting and Wordpress sites and legacy systems. Wagento has years of experience building these integrations, understands the hazards involved, and can help build reliable integrations that will help businesses grow for years to come.

Magento Upgrades & Migration

Upgrading your Magento site can be very complex depending on the versions and modules involved, any custom features that have been developed, and any integrations that may exist. When it comes to upgrades, Wagento has experience with hundreds of websites. In fact, one of our very own wrote the Wiki on Magento Upgrades.

Responsive Site Design

Responsive site design is an important component of website development. ensuring that your website is viewable on diverse platforms (eg. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and wearable technology like smart watches) is critical, especially as end users are employing a variety of technologies to view websites. Wagento Commerce will employ a balanced approach that factors design, information, and UX when designing responsive sites.

Bulk Product Import/Export

We understand how complicated things can become when a store has tens of thousands of SKUs, with various configurations (eg. configurable, bundled, grouped), and there is a need to import or export new data. We understand the importance of data integrity and equipping clients with the skills to perform such tasks on their own. Wagento perform these task or empower the client to perform them on their own.

Custom Extensions

Wagento has considerable experience creating custom extensions to support the very specific business needs of eCommerce websites. Whether it is a unique product line or service, we will help you arrive at a solution to move your business forward.

Magento Performance Tuning

There are numerous settings that can be adjusted to optimize a Magento website. Some of these settings make sense for most stores while some should be avoided. Our expert team can help you navigate the various settings for your Magento website so it is performing at optimal levels.