About Me

My name is Sasha and I am the hardest working member at Wagento. Each day I eat, get in a car, drive to the same place and then I get the job of lying on this great bed. I know I am not the only dog as I often hear dogs and I jump up and bark to alert everyone in the office that I have heard something. We have really nice neighbors upstairs and I run into their office as often as I can.

At some point in the day a guy in a brown outfit comes into the office and I get to REALLY bark at them. They sometimes shut the door again, but more than often they just come in and ignore me.

I also work with my partner Callie who has her own bed to lie on. I really think I work harder than her. My favorite thing to do with Callie is lick her face.

Lyndsey is awesome and she is always taking me out to do my thing.

When we leave at night I look through the entire parking lot. My owner yells at me, but I ignore them.

What I do for Wagento

I am the person responsible for making sure the two dog beds are warm. My favorite thing to do is go running with my owner. We go for miles and miles.