Magento Enterprise

With more features than the Community version, Magento Enterprise offers Indexing and Caching features that deliver considerable improvement over the Community version. Another major benefit of Enterprise is Technical Support.

Enterprise-Specific Features:
Magento Technical Support
Security - PA-DSS Compliant Payment Bridge
Optimized Performance with Full-page Caching
Solr Search
Advanced Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Flexible Pricing Rules per Customer Group
Flexible Couponing and Promotions by Customer Group
Up-sells and Cross-sells with Rules Based Product Relations
Enhanced Catalog and Content Management System (CMS+)
Reward Points & Store Credits
Automated Email Marketing Reminders
Private Sales, Events and Invitations
Gift Registry and Gifting Options
Return Management Authorization
Call Center with Assisted Shopping
Price and Promotion Permission
Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content

Enterprise and Community Features:
Product Configurations, Payment Configurations & Gateways, Shipping Rules
Order and Customer Accounts Management
Payment Configurations and Gateways
Mobile Commerce
Multiple Sites & Store Views through One
Admin Administrator Roles, Logging & Site Access Permission
Persistent Shopping Cart
International Commerce & Multiple Languages
Analytics and Reporting