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Please note the Weather! It could be around 40f degrees at the start. (that is 4c for everyone else in the world)


5:10am Excalibur Hotel

5:30am M Resort

5:40am Hampton Inn & Suites

5:50am South Point

If you signed up for the bus we are still working out the details. At the moment we are picking up at the M resort and from the Hampton Inn. Because of the amount of people we have closed the the signup for bus transport, if you have any questions you can email It would be handy to know who is driving to the race and if they have any extra seats! 


Sherrie will have the T-Shirts on Friday. We can also bring them to the start. My mobile phone number is 952-545-2020 if you have any questions on Race Day!!

Good luck and have fun!


This is a letter from and gives the important info for the race on April 21st.



Dear Labor of Love Runners,

Race day is quickly approaching! I hope all of your training has been going well and that you’re ready to have a great time! Below are some details for the event weekend which should answer any questions you may have. After reading it in its entirety, any questions left unanswered, feel free to email me. 

1. PACKET PICK UP:  THURSDAY April 19th @ REI  Henderson at the District in Green Valley Ranch from 5:30pm-8pm. YES- you may pick up someone else's packet for them. There is NO packet pick up on Friday. SATURDAY/ SUNDAY Packet pick up is race morning at the start line. Please leave enough time to get checked in before your race start and plan on ABSOLUTELY no later than 30 minutes prior to your race start time. This is 30 minutes from the time you arrive at the start line, not the bus transportation/ parking area, so please plan accordingly. You MUST wear your loaner TIMING CHIP on YOUR SHOE in order to be timed!

2. *Please: If you do NOT plan on racing, do NOT take your TIMING CHIP*

3. PARKING: All runners and spectators MUST park at the off-site parking location. This is located in the dirt lot off of Sandy Valley Road off Highway 160. Coming from Las Vegas, you will PASS the start line, continue west another 2.3 miles until you come up on a LEFT hand turn onto Sandy Valley Road. There will be large signs in traffic cones directing you to the parking area. There will likely be an attendant helping in this area. For complete directions to the race venue, please go to: Click on the event title, then “Travel” then “Directions”. 

4. DROP OFF: If you are driving to the race with other people, I would appreciate you dropping off any additional runners at the start line, then the driver proceed to the parking area. This will alleviate demand on the buses. 

5. BUSES: We have contracted a 25 passenger bus from NEW CHARTERS for Saturday starting at 6am, and Sunday at 6:30am. (SUNDAY 50K RUNNERS ONLY: Please park along the road at the start/ finish line.) The bus will run on a rotation to the start line. The one way is roughly 2.5 miles and should take about 5 minutes. Please load and unload quickly and take all belongings with you. Buses will load based on race distance with priority given to those with the earliest start times.  Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to get on the bus! Please arrive early for everyone’s on-time race start! Buses will return runners to this same area after the race as demand dictates. The pick up area for the bus will be at the junction of Sandy Valley Rd and Highway 160, so after you have parked, walk back up to that junction.  

6. SPECTATORS: We are happy to have your spectators come join us for race day! Please ensure that they TAKE THE BUS! While Lovell Canyon Road is not closed to vehicular traffic, we ask that spectators remain at the start/ finish line for everyone’s safety. It is a sparsely traveled road, and I would like to keep it that way on race day. Any spectators arriving at the parking area to arrive at the race after 8am must stop and let the driver know that they require a pick up, as the buses will be stationed at the finish line after all races are under way.

7. CLOTHING BAGS: Each runner may have a clothing bag left at the start / finish line. Please use your own bag and label it with your name and bib number. PLEASE ensure that you collect your bag after the race as NO bags will be mailed. A tarp will be laid out for these bags, so just place it there. It is not a formal collection and no one will be in charge of “supervising” the area, so no valuables please. 

8. DROP BAGS: 50K, 50 Miler, and 100 Miler runners may have a drop bag for any provisions they would like available to them on course. This will be accessible at miles 11 and 20 for the 50K at the junction of the paved and dirt roads; and "Start/ Finish", "Midpoint", and "Sky Ranch (far end)" for the 50 and 100 milers. If you would like to switch between road and trail shoes (50K only), this is your opportunity. It is the same location, accessed twice. Please note that these bags will not be returned to the finish line until approximately 1pm (Sunday) and will not be mailed at my expense, so please plan accordingly. 50 Mile Runners: When you are done with your bag the final time you can ask the volunteer to bring it with them to the finish line at their shift change (1pm/ 7pm midpoint; 2pm/ 7pm Far End). If you don't give it to the volunteer- it will not be moved until after the race. Anyone using a drop bag should bring it to the start line on race morning and it will be transported for you. Please use your own bag and label it with your name and bib number. 

9. MILE MARKERS: Mile markers will be placed every mile for the 10K,Marathon, and ½ Marathon. For the 50K mile markers will be every 1 mile thru mile 6, then be miles 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.  For those in the 100 and the 50- just keep going until I tell you to stop ; ) Signs will be inside of traffic cones and are color coded as follows: ALL outbound miles will be in BLUE. After your turn around the Marathon will continue in BLUE, ½ Marathon in GREEN, 10K in SILVER, and 50K in RED.  Your turn around points will have signs, an orange traffic cone, and a volunteer. Please give your bib number to the clipboard volunteer. The course is very easy to follow. 

10. AID STATIONS: All aid stations will have water and Hammer HEED electrolyte drink. Aid Stations designated as *Ultra* will be additionally provisioned with cola, Hammer Gel, fruit, salty and sweet snacks, Hammer Electrolyte tablets, basic first aid, etc. Please check the website for complete aid station location details for your distance. 

11. PORTABLE TOILETS: Portable toilets will be available at the start/ finish line and 4 will be on course. Please see the “aid stations’ descriptions on the website for their exact locations for your distance race. 

12. SAFETY: Your safety is the utmost concern of Calico Racing. The road is very sparsely traveled, however IS open to vehicular traffic. On the way out you will run on the LEFT side of the road, running against traffic. After your turn around you will cross over the road and continue running against traffic. The road is not coned off from traffic. Volunteers will be there to direct. Those running at night should have a light and wear reflective clothing. An EMT will be on site the entire event dispatched out of the start/ finish line. Please alert an aid station volunteer, ranger, or another runner should you need help! **Cell service is spotty at best**

13. ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY: No runner, spectator, volunteer or others may cross undisturbed US Forest lands. Stay on the roadway and course at all times and do not step onto the vegetation. Leave any wildlife alone. 

14. DESERT TORTOISE: The Desert Tortoise is a threatened species on the Endangered Species list. Though you are unlikely to see one, if you do encounter one- do NOT touch it. Give it its space and do not approach it. Runners are not required to sign a Desert Tortoise waiver as was required at Red Rock. 

15. VOLUNTEERS: As with every race, volunteers are a vital part of the event. Finding volunteers is always  a challenge. While all of these positions are attended to, I would love to have a few more volunteers to alleviate the burden on these kind souls. If anyone has friends or family coming to watch that are willing to commit to a few hours on an assigned post- please email me. It’d be much appreciated by all! Please be kind and THANK your volunteers. Pacers and crew assisting the 100 mile runners are highly encouraged to commit to a volunteer spot!! Email me ASAP.

16. FINISH LINE: This is a chip timed event. Please attached your chip to your shoe with the fasteners provided in your envelope. YOU MUST RETURN YOUR CHIP! Volunteers will be at the finish line to help remove it. 50K, 50 Miler, and 100 Miler Runners will be manually timed and will therefore not receive a timing chip. Be sure to clearly display your bib number. 

17. PHOTOGRAPHY: I am proud to announce Evan Pilchik Photography will be on course photographing the event. Photos will be available on the Calico Racing website a few days after the event. He will email everyone once they are ready to view and purchase.

18. WEATHER: Due to the elevation and being under the US Forest you can expect temperatures around 15 degrees cooler than the Las Vegas Valley. Morning will be brisk but will warm up. Expect low 40s at the earliest part of the morning. The closest zip code to track weather is 89124, but still plan it being cooler than its forecast. 100 mile runners- plan for colder weather than you would think- night time is COLD especially at the far end. 

19. POST RACE: Food and drink will be available at the finish line for registered athletes only. Wet and dry hand towels will also be available at the finish area so you can towel off after the race. Please return all used towels in the clearly marked bin provided. 

20. AWARDS: Awards will be handed out at the finish line. We should start them shortly after the bulk of runners have come in after each race. If youthink you may have qualified for an award, please see me before leaving as these are very difficult to mail!

21. "LOVE ME TWO TIMES" DOUBLE MEDAL: For those of you running back to back races (Saturday and Sunday) you'll receive a 3rd medal- a special "Love Me Two Times" Double Medal! Any race distance combination makes you eligible for this medal ~ kinda makes you want to at least bust out a 10K on the other day, now doesn't it ; ) Dan Brendan is doing the 10K Sunday after the 100 miler on Saturday- for the third year in a row! AND carrying his girlfriend Hughette across the finish line! Anyone else!?

22. CALICO SLAM: If anyone is completing their Calico Slam at LovellCanyon, please be sure to email me NOW if you have not already done so. Rebecca and Christine, I have you 2. Anyone else???

23. 100 MILER SPECIAL NOTES: PLEASE  be sure that you, the runner, and all of your crew/ pacers have read the "100 miler crew/pacer rules" posted to the Calico Racing website!! Please pay particular attention to the "no crew vehicle movement" black out times and the requested volunteer contribution. Upon arriving race morning- you may stop quickly at the start line to drop off your drop bags before proceeding to the parking area. Please be in and out within 5 minutes before moving your vehicle. CREWS are encourage to set up their camp at the midpoint aid station. There is a large dirt clearing where there is plenty of room.

 Lastly:  I want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for attending the Labor of Love @ Lovell Canyon event. Many of you are returning runners, having run in the Devil, ET, Angel, Mardi Gras, Hoover Dam, and/ or Red Rock races that I direct. Your continued support is SO important and appreciated. To those of you that are new to Calico Racing- welcome to the family! We are a smaller event than many of you may be used to- but that is what can make it so great. A personal race with first rate amenities. With your help, I hope to position this and other Calico Racing events for future growth and a lifelong achievement of passion, environmental responsibility, fun, and of course… running.  

See you all soon! Joyce 

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