About Me

My name is Callie and I am awesome. The other dog in the office, whose name I can't even remember is not awesome, but rather very annoying. If I get my face licked one more time I don't know what I am going to do. I spend my day doing all the important tasks that I am assigned to do. Sleep, beg for food at people desks, sleep etc. My favorite task is to join in on the scrum meetings. I often fart and everyone yells at Derek. This is hilarious. Don't they know it was me? We have a cat at home who can't take the pressure of the job. She really isn't needed anyway since I can do everything.

The worst part of my job is when my owner takes me running. OMG if I have to run one more mile. Dogs are made to lay in beds. Seriously!

What I do for Wagento

My job is to make sure that I relay any information I get from the other dogs in the building to everyone at Wagento. If I hear them bark, I will bark. Simple.