Project Management

Wagento recognizes that not everyone can afford an in-house project management team. We also recognize the need for such a service and how important project management is to the implementation of your project.  Our team promotes development, teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.


Wagento subscribes to Agile Project Management. By breaking up the project into small segments we are able to help you accomplish your goals and meet your timelines while still being flexible enough to change when needed. We will work with your team and introduce our team members when needed. Each project is run in conjunction with the others and maintained in our project management system. This ensures that the risk is spread out evenly and no one part can bring down the entire project.


Daily communication is important especially during inception and completion of projects. Wagento team members can work on-site or off and are always available through many means of communication. We will offer a summary of your project on a weekly basis and access your needs as they come up. This helps to find areas where your project could run over budget and find solutions to ensure a best course to meet your requirements.

In-house Project Manager

Wagento will assign a project manager to your project. The project manager will take ownership of all aspects of the project and help you to wade through the myriad of possible implications that arise during the project life cycle.


By not hiring a full time employee you will enjoy the benefit of allowing us to collaborate with your team while not creating the overhead an employee offers. In addition to relieving you of the expense once the project is complete we also offer quality individuals who are highly disciplined in their expertise.

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